How It Works is a platform designed to confidentially inform recruiters of a candidate's job search status on LinkedIn. It does this by empowering them with a Firefox (Google's Chrome Browser is coming shortly!) browser add-on that allows them to “see” a candidate's job search status and their job interests on LinkedIn in the form of color coding and pop up-windows. The RecruiterLens view superimposes color codes associated with the candidates search status on the LinkedIn search results pages and provides pop-up details on the candidate's interests on the profile pages as shown below

You can also see the Youtube demo below of both the Candidate's and Recruiter's view below:


How Candidate can avail of the platform

Logon to HireSignals using their LinkedIn Profile and provide the following details

  1. Their current job search status. Choose one of four options
    1. Actively networking
    2. Passively networking
    3. Not Networking (but open to seeing the market)
    4. Not Networking (do not contact)
    Candidate Sign Up - search status
  2. Their job interests e.g. Salary / bonus, type of industry, stage of firm etc.
    Candidate Sign Up - job interests
  3. Domain names of companies that they don't want to show their status to – in particular their current employer's domain name.
    Candidate Sign Up - block domains

They then sit back and wait for more targeted recruiter outreach or enjoy the silence if they aren't actively looking. Recruiters from domain names that candidates have blocked do not see any of the candidate's details. Recruiters will use standard LinkedIn contact methods (e.g. InMails) to reach out to candidates – HireSignals does not facilitate direct communication between recruiters and candidates.